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Roofing Melbourne with Colorbond – change over to Colorbond for a smart new look

Colorbond Roofing Replacement for Tiles

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Colorbond roofs are pretty much maintenance free and are more secure and more weatherproof than tiles. Get an insulation blanket installed under the Colorbond and your roof space becomes cooler in summer and warmer in winter with less chance of a condensation build up.

Its no real surprise then, that when you drive around your Melbourne suburb you can see for yourself the huge number of people in your area that have had their roof replaced with a Colorbond roof. Being an informed choice for new homes due to its smart look and long lasting quality, has made roofing with Colorbond much more popular than tiles.

With a great selection of colours, a re roofing project with Colorbond can be made to suit your taste and style. However, bear in mind that even though dark colours are popular, you will definitely require and insulation blanket to be installed to protect your roof space from excessive heat build up. A whirlybird vent can help this also and we are happy to discuss these options with you.

So for Colorbond roofing, Zincalume re roofing and flat Decking Roofing call us for a free quote.

Colorbond Roofing Replacement for old metal roofs

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A high quality Colorbond Melbourne roof will beautify any home as the roof visually represents more than 40% of the view of the home form the street level. Greatly suiting modern styles of re roofing a Colorbond roof can be useful to enhance the value of your home. The advantages over roof tiles is that a Colorbond roof is lightweight so there is less strain on the roofing timbers, also very few gaps so drafts and animals can get into your roof. If you home is built on stump type of foundations then a Colorbond re roofing project in Melbourne will put less strain on the overall structure of your home including the stumps. Old cottages with terracotta roofs often have a roof replacement Colorbond project done for this very reason.

These metal roof replacements are good for keeping your home and roof space dry with less potential leak points. All new roof plumbing when the new Colorbond roof is installed will give extra confidence and the cost is not a great deal extra to pay for a complete and professional service from TLG Roofing.

As the cost per square metre of a Colorbond roof in Melbourne is lower than the same roof in tiles, Colorbond roofing offers a great cost effective option for home owners. Colorbond is a long lasting solution for Melbourne homeowners who are looking for a coloured roof to suit a contemporary styled home and can suits roofs at all angles on steep roofs, complex designs or roofs and metal decking for roofs that are nearly flat.

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